Supply Lists 2015-16

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Late Registration for new students – August 25th – Registration times will be posted here.

TSES welcomes Sarah Wile as our vice-principal and grade 5 teacher.

First day of school is Thursday, September 3rd!

Classroom Teacher

Supply List

Grade 3 Mrs. BarkhouseSupply_List_3Barkhouse_3Siscoe_June_2015
Grade 3 Mrs. Siscoe
Grade 3 FI Mme Dean-LevySupply_List_3DeanLevy_3Monette_June2015 _1_
Grade 3 FI Mme Monette
Grade 3/4 Mrs. StrongSupply_List_3_4_Strong_June2015
Grade 4 FI Mme FinchSupplyList_4Finch_June2015
Grade 4 FI Mme Robicheau Supply_List_4Robicheau_June2015
Grade 4 Mrs. MeisnerSupply_List_Grade_4Meisner_June_2015
Grade 4 Mrs. MyraSupply_List_4Myra_June2015
Grade 4/5 Mrs. NickersonSupply_List_4_5_Nickerson_June2015
Grade 5 Mrs. PennySupply_List_5Penny_June2015
Grade 5 Mrs. Wile (VP) 20%
and 80% Mrs. Chute
Supply_List_5_Wile_Chute_June 2015
Grade 5 FI Mme ConnollySupply_List_5Connolly_June2015
Grade 5 FI Mme ThibaultSupply_List_5Thibault_June2015
Grade 6 Fi Mlle HuskilsonSupply_List_6Huskilson_June2015
Grade 6 FI M. O’Brien Supply_List_6OBrien_June_2015
Grade 6 Mr. KeddySupply_List_6Keddy_June2015
Grade 6 Mr. PierceySupply_List_6Piercey_June2015
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Bus Dismissal Tuesday, June 30th

  • On Tuesday, June 30th, the last day of school, students will be dismissed at 10:00am.
  • With the exception of Buses 118 and 119, other students traveling home by bus will go at the same time as the students from Tantallon Junior. Continue reading
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Sock Hop for “Lifting Brooklyn Together”

sockhop$ 598.75 was raised at our sock hop
organized by a great group of grade 6’s in support of
“Lifting Brooklyn Together”

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End of June Notice

Notice End of Year June 2015 Final  Summer message, staffing updates and important dates for the 2015-16 school year

June 23 News:
With mixed emotions, congratulations go out to Ms. Pelly who will be leaving Tantallon Senior to become the principal of Michael Wallace School in Dartmouth.
Although this is a new and exciting opportunity for Ms. Pelly, it will be sad to see her leave and she will certainly be missed.
All the best Ms. Pelly!
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