Staff Directory 2016-17

All email addresses are unless otherwise indicated.

Administration / Office

Mrs. HoskinPrincipalphoskin
Mrs. WileVice-Principalswile
Mrs. MaasSecretaryphone 826-1200
Mr. Cave and Mrs. MacLeanCaretakers

Contact Information
Excel site at Tantallon Sr Elem(902)
Excel Registrar (for billing questions and program changes)(902) 464-2000
ext. 2787
Cafeteria826-9703Cafeteria orders

Classroom Teachers
Name &

Website Link

GradeAll emails
Mrs. Barkhouse3ABarkhouse
Mrs. Siscoe3SSiscoe
Mrs. Strong3NStrong
Mme Tonner3 FILauriel.Tonner
Mme Mulholland3/4 FIAMulholland
Mrs. Myra4SMyra
Mrs. Meisner4MMeisner
Mrs. Finch4MFinchPurcell
Mme Robicheau
4 FIJRobicheau
Mme Huskilson4/5 FITracy.Huskilson
Mrs. Ledroit5JLedroit
Mrs. Wile / Ms. MacLellan-King5SWile
Mrs. Penny5PennyS
Mme Hickey/ Mme Quinn5 FIAHickey
Mme Fisher5/6 FICFisher
Mme O'Neill
6 FIMONeill
Mr. Keddy6BKeddy
Mr. Piercey6BPiercey
Ms. Hasler (for Mrs. Burchell Feb-June)6RHasler
On Leave 2016-2017
Mme Monette
Mme Connolly

Specialists / Support Staff
Name &
Website Link
Mrs. Daigle-GouthroLearning CentreADaigle-Gouthro
Mrs. DunnMusicMDunn
Mrs. MacDonaldPhysical EducationMaria.Macdonald
Mme BuchananCore FrenchJBuchanan
Mme SheehanCore French 20%Krista.Sheehan
Mrs. JamesInstrumental BandCJames
Mrs. CurrieResourceJCurrie-Shanahan
Mme HickeyResource French ImmAHickey
Mrs. PowellLibrarian
Mrs. Noylander (for Mrs. Thibault Feb.-June)Comprehensive GuidanceANoylander
Ms. LevySpeech and Language Specialist
School psychologist
Educational Program Assistants
Mrs. FarrahEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. HatchEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. McVicarEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. MorrisonEducational Program Assistant
Ms. MurphyEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. NorrisEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. ProvencherEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. SutherlandEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. ZwickerEducational Program Assistant
Mrs. DuncansonEducational Program Assistant