PEBS Matrix

PEBS Matrix Tantallon Senior Elementary School 2013 2014 (pdf)

Tantallon Elementary Senior School
PEBS Matrix
TESS – CARE    Cooperation, Attitude, Respect, Environment
In all settings


  Cooperation(Respect for others)  Attitude(Respect for learning)  Respect(Respect for self)  Environment(Respect for environment) 
   I will be caring. 

I will
use appropriate voice scale and kind language (at school and on the bus) 

I will
include others and play fairly. 

I will
respect others personal space. 

I will
walk quietly, stay directly to the right and be considerate in the hallway and stairway.   
 I will be an active learner.  

I will value others’ contributions, ideas and activities.  

I will always do my best.  

I will support a peaceful environment.

 I will come to school prepared and on time. 

I will dress appropriately for school.  I will practice active speaking and listening.  I will be honest.  

 I will celebrate diversity.  

I will follow directions of the person in charge.  

I will follow all school rules, safety and emergency procedures.  I will organize and take care of my personal belongings.  

I will show respect and consideration for the property of others, for all displays, and the school.  

I will promote a clean environment.  


Remember, to solve problems, use your W.I.T.S

W- Walk Away   I- Ignore It      T- Talk it Out       S- Seek Help